Tour Bookings

Not sure if you need to book your tour? Do you have a special request? Try to find your answers in our Q+A or just call us.

1. Do I Need To Book My Tour?

You do not need to book your guided tour unless you are a large organised group. Reservations are required for organised groups of more than 15 people.

If you wish to tour Invalides with just your family, partner or friends, you are not a large organised group (tour). The guided tours start at every full hour, and individual visitors do not need a previous reservation.

To contact our booking department, call or email:

Tel.: +420 724 816 966


2. When I make my booking, do I have to report children under 6 years of age? They do not pay for entry anyway.

Yes. You need to report children under 6 even though they have free entry. We have to count them in the total number of visitors.

3. What do I need to make my booking?

  • You need to know the date and the approximate hour of your visit.
  • You also need to know the number of your group members (including children under 6) who will attend the guided tour.

4. How do I book a tour?

To book your guided tour for groups with more than 15 members, please contact:


Invalidovna Praha

Sokolovská 24/136

186 00  Praha 8

tel.: +420 724 816 966, e-mail: